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Beijing Hanboweiye Technology Development Co., Ltd (a production and trade company with a history of 20 years in Fluorescent brightener industry) and Jiangxi Beste Industry Co., Ltd. founded a joint company (a production and trade company with a history of 15 years in Fluorescent brightener industry) in 2014. With the cooperation of two companies, we thus own stronger competence in Fluorescent brightener industry. To ensure quality and increase throughput, we invest big money in advanced equipments and technical transformation. Up to now, we have owned leading production methods such as automatic weighing, automatic feeding, automatic temperature control and automatic control of reaction time as well as the detection means to guarantee leading quality indexes of products. Therefore, we have successfully become a national leading company in the Fluorescent brightener industry of China. We work hard to get development by making technological progress. Through cooperating with   universities and research institutes of China, we are committed to the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technologies, and strive to develop and produce hi-tech, high value-added, energy-saving, discharge-reducing and environment-friendly new products continuously. At present, we can produce over 100 kinds of products, including Dyeing and printing purposed brightener series; Plastic, chemical fiber and coating purposed Fluorescent brightener and other special whitening agent series; the outputs are: 1,200-1,500 tons of   powder type Fluorescent brightener, 1,800-2,000 tons of paste-like Fluorescent brightener products (non-soluble), more than 1,000 tons of other special purposed brightener products. We sincerely welcome customers all around the world to have business and cooperation.

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